Whatever your cleaning needs Trades 24/7 can help!

We can cope with most jobs big and small, whether they are commercial or industrial, or cleaning jobs with a difference, such as cleaning narrowboats or large industrial machinery.

Office Cleaning

We can offer a wide range of cleaning services to help spruce up your offices, both inside and out. Be it cleaning carpets, to exterior walls, drives, pathways and degreasing garage floors.

We can also clean moss and weeds off roofs, patios and walkways.

Domestic cleaning services

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Warehouse and factory floors can quickly accumulate dirt and grease making them slippery and hazardous for staff. Fragments of old discarded packaging, small items of plastic and paper can drift into corners and under machinery.

In modern commercial premises, day-to-day operations using fork-lifts and pallet trucks can cause dust from tyres to build up alongside walkways, in addition to polishing them!

Spills of grease and lubricating oils, while initially treated, may not be fully removed and over time can make part of the floor slippery or attract dust.

The movement of parts and products from one manufacturing process to another and the machining of raw materials all contribute to the build-up of grease, dirt and oils on the floor.

Even in the best run industrial premises these problems can build-up slowly and unnoticed until something happens!

Health & Safety

A clean and tidy warehouse environment and clean smart offices are essential to running a modern, efficient business.

A clean and tidy environment also plays a major Health and Safety role, ensuring employee safety and well-being, and so directly influencing productivity through the prevention of accidents and illness.

Worried about downtime?

To minimise disruption to your operations, we can work at times that will fit in around your shift patterns or maintenance periods.

Call us today on 0121 530 2901 to discuss your requirements and see what we can offer.

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Services