Covid-19 is a viral infection that can spread quickly. We won’t even realize it when it’s around us, which makes it difficult for all of us to get back to work when the first thought in our minds is the fear for our health. However, your workplace and factory can become a secure place for you and your employees if you use factory and workplace disinfection services.

Why Do You Need Factory Disinfection Services?

Living in a mid and post-pandemic world is not easy. All of us fear even going outside, never mind going back to work. This fear is negatively affecting our profession. How will we give our best when we can’t even function normally and at our total capacity in our workplaces?

By now, all of us have learned that Covid-19 spreads quickly, from people to surface to people. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide your employees with a healthy and safe work environment. It will benefit from making the virus spread slowly, and your factory could become “Covid-19 Secure” if you will follow some reasonable steps.

Why Should You Use Trades 24/7 for Factory Disinfection Services?

Disinfection of workplaces is not a small task. However, this is a necessary precaution. In West Midland UK, many factories are in the process of reopening or reopened. But before reopening, you have to ensure that the place is thoroughly disinfected to provide a healthy workplace for your employees and workers. This is where we come in.

Factory disinfection is one of the various services provided here at Trades 24/7. We have always prized the quality of our work and our open relationship with our clients. Here, we have a highly trained and experienced professional team that will be ready to carry out the whole process for you. We follow the entire process through surveillance cameras to ensure that the whole process is carried out safely and efficiently.

Planning and Time Management:

We always prefer to communicate with our customers to ensure a smooth process. Disinfecting a workplace, whether small or large, requires meticulous planning, so we will schedule the whole process with the client to ensure no miscommunication or delay. All you need to do is to contact us. You can carry on with typical day to day operations while working to make your workplace a safe and healthy environment.

Ways Trades 24/7 Utilises to Disinfect Workplace/Factories:

Water Jet Cleaning:

One of the methods Trades 24/7, water jet cleaning is one of the best options. When you are trying to clean outdoor areas or floors quickly and easily, this type of method is suitable for that purpose.

Simple cleaning implies that you are removing dust and dirt from the surfaces. Sanitization, on the other hand, guarantees that you are essentially creating a healthy environment that is not necessarily clean but is disinfected (disinfection is a process used to kill pathogenic organisms with the help of some biocide or a chemical that contains disinfectant agents like alcohol, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide or ammonia etc.).

Using water jet cleaning is an effective method to disinfect your factory’s external areas, but you need to be careful. In this, sanitizers are mixed with the water, and then the water is highly pressurized, which can aggressively disinfect your workplace with relative ease. Another way water jet cleaning is utilized is by pressurizing the hot water. As we all know, high temperature can kill many bacteria, so combing the hot water with any chemical disinfectant effectively disinfects large areas quickly and sufficiently.

Aside from the bacteria and pathogens, various other unwanted substances like oil or car fluids can also be removed from the factory floor with ease using the water jet method. External factory areas are significant and have more traffic, so using a water jet to disinfect and clean these places is much more efficient than any other method.

However, you need to be careful when using this method. First of all, the disinfectant used in combination with the highly pressurized water jet can prove harmful to the pump used in an available washer. Not only that, this type of method is used at places where there is no power outlet, which means that you have to be extra careful. Factory yards are easy to disinfect, though, as that place is without electricity.

Typically, you can do this yourself. But keeping in mind all the precautions, it is best if you contact professionals. Here at Trades 24/7, we can save you from all that hassle of going through all that process. We can disinfect the factory floors and external areas in a quick and efficient matter.


Disinfectant Chemicals:

Not all surfaces can be cleaned with a highly pressurized water jet, which is why Trades 24/7 offers to disinfect work surfaces with disinfectant chemicals.

In a factory, you need to understand that not all surfaces can be cleaned with the same disinfectant. Just because that chemical can sanitize some surfaces doesn’t imply that it is suitable for others. For some characters, that same chemical can be harmful and corrosive. In normal circumstances, you might not even realize this, which is why it is best to get it done by a professional.

Another thing that you need to remember is that not all disinfectant chemicals are environmentally friendly. Your employees are going to work in that same environment. Just because it is safe from Covid-19, that doesn’t automatically makes it perfectly safe for breathing.

Trades 24/7 thoroughly disinfect the work surfaces in a factory using government-approved environment-friendly chemicals with ease. For those who are very conscious about healthy choices for eco-friendly purposes, we are among the best options available for you.



Trades 24/7 promises you an efficient and hassle-free disinfection operation that will keep your mind at rest. Whether you have a small business or own a large factory, we can quickly help you disinfect the place with our innovative methods. Our certified cleaners, combined with our safe and secure ways, make it a guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get your factory or workplace disinfected so that your employees will give your best.