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Services Trades247 Offer:

1- Property Repairs & Maintenance
2- Environmental Health and Safety
3- Utilities Management
4- Commercial & Industrial Cleaning
5- Building Security management
6- Ground & Exterior Maintenance
7- Building & Car Park Safety
8- Building Restoration & Ergonomics
9- Delivery Area Maintenance

Facilities management is the management of services within the built environment that allows an organisation to continue its core business. The core business is the primary activity of an organisation, and it is a reason it exists. All the organisations have buildings and premises that allow them to go about their business, and they could be offices, hospitals, shops, and studios. The maintaining, cleaning, disposal of the waste need security staff to keep the place secure; all of this takes a lot of organising and managing.

The facilities management companies manage these essential services to keep a workplace functioning so that those core frontline staff can focus on their jobs. It provides a productive, happy, and safe environment for customers, employees, and visitors. There are a lot of services that companies offer, and it varies from one organization to the next and possibly even from one year to the next.

Well, it would not be wrong to say that facilities management is more than just chasing cleaners around a building; it is strategic management.

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Importance of Facilities Management

Once built, whose job is to manage the buildings we are working, studying, governing, exploring, get wild in. The facilities managers control and ensure the collective spaces we live our lives in are safe, healthy, sustainable, and productive. The role of facilities management companies is to contributes significantly to the profitability of the business and to the productivity and well being of everyone.

The role of Trades247 is to look after the building, to ensure that the built environment and all the supporting infrastructure meet the needs of the people operating in the environment.

It contributes structure, processes, and delivery to businesses overall.

It provides the tools for people to be able to do their job.

It can have a big influence on organisation productivity.

Ensure that organisational goals are being met

They are responsible for the management of the services and processes that support the core business. Their role is the vital one, enabling everyone within an organisation to perform their job efficiently and effectively as possible.

Unsurprisingly facilities management is becoming increasingly recognised as a major contributor to business success.


Trades247 manages corporate offices, factories, commercial and industrial buildings across the UK, how to work within those offices and to maintain assets from the repair and maintenance position. We work on workplace strategy, so that is how we work within those corporate spaces, as a professional working in the newest discipline in the business and property sectors.

We operate in a rapidly evolving world, with advanced technology, new ways of working, and the drive for corporate social responsibility, and just a few of the challenges they face. The range of services covered with a near remit is becoming increasingly more complex.

Our role is more strategic and influences far-reaching. Significantly in the built environment, we are leading the way in a climate change initiative, sustainability, whole of life strategies, and the management of water waste and energy resources, and it is also very satisfying.

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