Home maintenance is an important topic, especially for homeowners, and one of the most neglected items in home maintenance is simple gutter cleaning. Leaves love to fill the gutter in autumn. It is recommended to clean gutters twice in a year, once in springtime and once in autumn. If you do not clean your gutters, especially when significant rain comes, the gutters get clogged with leaves and debris. When water gets in the gutter, it cannot be diverted appropriately down due to clogging.

At that point, the water starts overflowing, and the water gets very heavy, and they start pulling away from the house. When that happens, the water begins flowing over the gutters’ backside, causing a severe problem. Gutter cleaning is essential because they fill up. It can cause the roof to leak, it can cause the gutter to get full of stuff, and the weight is too much for the nails causing the gutter to pull off and do damage. Gutter cleaning can protect your roof as the clogged gutter does not let the rainwater run. Gutter cleaning can also minimize the risk of a cracked foundation of the building.


The first step is to set the ladder on solid, stable, and level ground. It is necessary to follow the safety instructions that the workers of trades 24/7 especially take care of.

Using hooks to attach a bucket for tools or debris is the handy tip. Otherwise, you can drop debris onto plastic or cloth on the ground.

Wear work gloves while cleaning gutters because there may be contact with some sharp metals.

First, remove any debris near the downspout and also remove and clear any downspout strainers.

A trout comes convenient when cleaning packed in and caked-on material.

Start from the far end and move towards the downspout. Try not to spray under the shingles.

If the gutter is not draining, the chances are that there is a downspout.

If there is a short piece of downspout running into a drainage system, remove just that short piece.

Insert the hose nozzle up the spout, spraying with full pressure to release the clog. If that does not work, try a drum augur, sometimes called a plumber snake. Feed it up through the downspout. When it gets to stop, lock the collar. Spin the line as you insert it into the downspout and then pull it back. You can also use the augur with the drill. Once the clog is broken, reattach everything and flush the gutters again with the hose.

For gutter cleaning, the most needed items are

Extendable ladder

Downspout strainer

Gutter cleaning wand

Drain auger

Gutter hangers

Gutter guards

Gutter sealant

Cleaning is much easier when the weather and debris have time to dry out. But this is not possible all the time. Leaves and twigs can grow up over time and clog gutters and downspouts. All this water damage is avoidable if simple steps are taken to deter it.

The best way to access gutters is with a ladder. Working on the ladder is uncomfortable, and there might be power lines near the gutters. That’s why a professional can help the best in this job. Trades 24/7 provides the best services as they have their own pieces of equipment and experts, so better to hire them because they charge less than the amount you will spend on the equipment.