When renting any property to live in, you are usually renting from an owner. This is the person who owns the property, and they are obligated to be responsible for a certain amount of everything that comprises a home. However, not everyone is aware of what is the landlord’s jurisdiction and what their obligations are. To try and assist with this, we’re taking a look at the duties of the landlord, and what bits the tenants will need to do themselves.

What is the landlord responsible for?

If you are the owner of the property, then you may be interested to hear that you’re responsible for a significant portion of all the repairs and maintenance which has to be conducted while someone is living there.

The landlord needs to repair and maintain anything related to the structure of the property, as well as anything about the exterior of the building as well. This can include such things as the doors, windows and the roof of the house. They also need to make sure that the pipework and drains are up to standard, and that there is a functioning toilet and bath or shower unit. There also needs to be a sink in place, and all of these devices need to be able to produce hot water if required, and the heating will also need to be functioning.

They’re also responsible for the gas supply which comes into the home, as well as the electrics and making sure that they are in good working order. Your landlord will also be required to put right any damages caused by repairs, so if something was broken, they would need to fix it. In instances where the landlord has provided appliances such as a fridge or a washing machine, you would need to refer to the tenancy agreement to ascertain who is responsible for repairing or replacing the device. Health and safety, such as making sure there is no mould in the property or that it is free from asbestos is also the responsibility of your landlord.

What is the tenant responsible for?

While it may well seem like there is not a lot that you need to do as a tenant, there are some steps you should take to make the life of your landlord a little easier.

You should keep your home clean and tidy at all times, and also avoid damaging the property in any way, and this is something which should be emphasised to any guests you have on the property too. You’ll also need to carry out minor repairs and maintenance yourself, such as testing your smoke detection devices and fixing small things like a squeaky door or a broken cabinet in the bathroom. Any furniture and appliances that you have bought are also your responsibility repair or replace, and not a task for your landlord.


While the responsibilities of a landlord are voluminous and broad, there is still an element of responsibility which is placed upon the tenant while they live there. You should always treat the home with respect and be careful to keep it clean, as this could reflect poorly on you in the future. If something does happen and you’re not sure how best to fix it, then 24/7 Trades has all the knowledge and tools required to help you put right any problem you may come across, either in your capacity as a landlord or as a tenant.