When it comes to the maintenance of the exteriors of tall buildings, there’s no straightforward way to do it. Human beings can not fly, and thus we need to rely on equipment to reach the higher up areas to clean them or repair them. To achieve this, a lot of people tend to use a rope to get where they need to be. We’re taking a look at rope access, and why it is such a good way to get up the side of a building.

Why is rope access so popular?

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning the outside of buildings, there’s a lot of reasons why you should be using rope access to achieve your goals. For one, the rope access is the most cost effective solution regarding both money and time.

Rope Access Window Cleaning and Painting Service

Alternative methods to getting high up to provide repairs or maintenance to taller buildings are things like scaffolding and cherry pickers. These are both costly to hire out, and also take much longer, especially with scaffolding as it needs installing carefully to ensure it is safe for the people standing on it. Rope access is something which is much easier to use and does not cost anywhere near as much as the other two options.

Essential maintenance made easy

It is much simpler to make the essential repairs and maintenance to a building which it would need to remain safe and also neat and tidy. Window cleaning, which needs to be conducted at least once every six months, is much easier with rope access because there is much more manoeuvrability, which means that you can clean them with a much greater ease.

Maintenance task Frequency Most effective method
Window cleaning every 6 months Rope access
Gutter cleaning every 3 months Rope access
Exterior painting every 5 years Rope access
General repairs when required Rope access
Pest control when required Rope access

As well as this, gutter cleaning is also much easier, which takes place on a three-month basis, and it is also simpler to apply a fresh coat of paint to the building, something which should be done on average every five or so years.

General repair work or pest control is going to be needed at any given point, so being able to access harder to reach places quickly and easily is something which is very valuable to a lot of companies. Rope access allows for a greater degree of flexibility regarding what can be done and is also much safer for the general public because the risk of scaffolding collapsing isn’t there at all.


Overall, rope access is the way forward and is something which a lot of companies should seek out if they have taller buildings which need cleaning. It is a much safer and more cost effective solution for providing repair work, cleaning work and maintenance for a building, and is also much less of an eyesore on the building itself. If you need any of the services which we’ve talked about here, then you’re in luck, because 24/7 Trades is fully qualified to provide these kinds of services for you using rope access.