It’s often a horrible feeling when you come home to find that your property has been broken into and your possessions have been stolen. Anything can be stolen when a thief breaks into your property, from an expensive TV to a smaller, more personal item that can never be replaced. Amidst the panic and horror, it’s important that you do certain things, but what are they?

Call the police

One of the first things you should do if you know you have been burgled is to phone the local authorities and report the crime. This means that the burglary has been logged on the system, and in most instances, a police officer will come to the property and ask you some questions and establish what’s happened. This is the first step in hopefully locating the criminal and bringing them to justice, by establishing what has transpired at your property.

Speak to your insurance company

If you have home insurance, then you’ll need to talk to someone from your insurance company to establish what happens going forward. Many policies will have cover for any damages to your property which occurred during the break-in, as well as any items which were taken during the burglary.

Take stock of what has been stolen

The next thing you should do is to take stock of what has been taken. Obviously, if you had a TV when you left and now it’s missing, then it has been taken. However, small amounts of money and personal items should all be accounted for, to ensure that nothing has been taken from you. If a credit card was left at the property and has been taken, then you’ll need to ring your bank and cancel that card and see if anyone has tried to use it recently.

Secure your property

Now that you’ve established a crime has been committed, and you’ve been in contact with your insurance company, and taken stock of what has been taken, you need to make sure your property is secure and safe to remain in. It’s advised that you do a thorough check of all of the doors and windows of your property, and make sure that they can all be secured and locked. An advantage to this if that if you find a door or window which shows signs of being forced, you can begin to cultivate an idea of how the thieves got into and out of the property in the first place. You should also arrange for repairs to be made on anything that’s been damaged, for example, if a window has been broken during entry to the property, as this can be a constant worry until it is repaired and speed will be critical.

These are the things you should do in the event of a burglary. If you do have parts of your property that do need repairing, following a break in, then Trades 24/7 can fix them for you with speed and professionalism, which can be vital if a window, for example, has been damaged during the theft, as it is an obvious part of your property which isn’t protected properly.