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In this modern age, it’s important that businesses present a professional, efficient image. Anything that can interrupt the smooth working of the organisation or impact upon the business image can have a drastic effect.

Trades 24/7 can deal with the whole range of maintenance, housing emergency repair services, replacement and installation jobs. Our tradesmen can tackle almost any task, from repairing leaking pipes, fixing faulty toilets or cisterns, property cleaning services, plastering, painting, repairing damaged walls, re-hanging doors, or any of the dozens of other jobs that are always cropping up around offices and businesses.

We are on call 24/7 for those sudden emergency situations and aim to reach customers within our area within the hour!

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Need an electrician? Commercial plumber or gas safety specialist?

No matter how large or small your business property is, whether industrial or commercial, we can help.

We also offer regular maintenance contracts to help prevent unpleasant surprises!


We undertake hard landscape and construction jobs of all sizes for both commercial and industrial customers.

If you need new walls or old ones re-built and repaired, or your land drainage improved and extended, our specialist builders and landscape engineers can do it.

We can also construct slabs or concrete pads for sheds, garages and other structures and lay new paving to reach them.


All properties need a good refresh once in a while. That might be simple redecorating of the office, reception area or meeting rooms to a complete re-organisation of the layout, electrical re-wiring, fitting new modern lighting and suspended ceilings, completely re-fitting the toilets and washrooms.

Our tradesmen are flexible and can work around your schedule. If you don’t want us working on site during your working day, we can carry out the work during the evenings or weekends. Surprise your staff with a brand new looking office on Monday morning!


Many of our clients recognise the importance of regular building inspection and repairs and have a maintenance contract with us to protect their property assets.

Whether you need a builder, plumber or an electrician, our maintenance package covers all repairs your property might need.

Our loyal customers are our priority. We will be there for you within an hour of your call, 24/7, no matter what day of the year it is.

For those who choose our maintenance contract, we offer attractive discounts, the extent of which depends on the services your property requires.
All of our tradesmen are fully trained and hold relevant certifications including the UK government certification from Construction Online. With the certification, we underline the high-quality work standards, and our tradesmen’s performance for our customers.

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