Are you thinking about giving your floors a much-needed make-over? We know there is a lot to take into consideration here. Choosing the correct coating for your floors can sometimes be a little daunting.

We know that on many occasions it is not necessary to replace your existing floors. By applying the correct paint for your conditions and surfaces you can prevent having to spend a lot of money. And get a marvellous result.

Whether you have a newly applied concrete floor or an already existing tiled or wooden floor, choosing the correct type of paint can help overcome problems like uneven or slippery surfaces, dust, surface abrasion, poor hygiene and chemical damage.

Each area will require a specific application. The decisions should be based on the type of floor in place and the usage that is expected.

Floors in Shops and Schools

For example, the floors in shops and schools will get a lot of footfall. Many people walking in certain areas. These areas would wear out quicker than the areas in the corners or under cabinets and tables. We would recommend a wear resistant paint which also makes the floor less slippery.

Factory Floors

Also in production areas, the requirements will be different. Heavy machinery will often be stationary but forklift trucks will put a lot of localized pressure on your floors. Protecting workspaces with non-slip applications can prevent accidents. By using different colours to mark for example hazardous areas you can also increase safety.


In areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance we can apply an anti-bacterial floor paint. Especially in food and health type environments floors can be the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Our antibacterial floor paint has proven to kill most types of bacterias and will make it easy to have and maintain clean floors.

Still undecided?

We are very happy to help you make these choices. All our tradesmen are DBS checked. We pride ourselves on a top spec customer service and aim for a 100% customer satisfaction.

So if you are in the West Midlands and need help with choosing and applying the right paint for your floors, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime on 0330 090 4247 or on our mobile: 07584 629 544. We are here to help.