The whole family of coronaviruses are named coronavirus because corona means a crown, and so this refers to the way that that the virus looks under the microscope like there is the crown on the top of the virus. Some of the four or five different kinds cause common diseases among humans. Everything in the common cold to mild or moderate respiratory illnesses. Other kinds of coronaviruses affect animals and sometimes on rare occasions we see a jump from animal species into the human population.


What happens when students get Corona Virus?

It is a contagious viral infection that affects primarily your throat and lungs. It affects the living cells in order to reproduce. Inside the virus genetic material contains the information to make more copies of itself. A protein shell provides a hard protective enclosure in the genetic materials which badly affects not only children but also adults.

How to protect School buildings from coronavirus?

  1. Sanitizing and Disinfecting:

There are many companies who provide services of cleaning the school buildings and sanitizing it. There is a difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Well, the cleaning process removes, dirt, impurities, and germs While sanitizing actually low down the number of germs

And keep it to the safe level. The most important thing which is needed for the school buildings is disinfection, it kills most of the germs present on the surface. All buildings especially school buildings need sanitizing or disinfecting services to combat  COVID-19.

  1. Importance of humidity management:

The role of humidity in the airborne transmission of viruses and of course to the current covid-19 pandemic. If we think about today’s situation it is creating a heightened sense of awareness of the impact of airborne viruses. In particular as education professionals on how we address this form from the point of view of the school building environment.

The severity and global impact of covid-19 have seemed to catch the medical profession by surprise. However, within the field of humidification in HVAC, there has been an ongoing debate as to many levels of benefits of indoor humidification.

  • Indoor ventilation:

Covid-19 spreads through respiratory droplets and aerosols when infected people breathe, talk, sing, shout,cough or sneeze. The risk is higher when people are enclosed and crowded indoor spaces with poor ventilation. It can help improve indoor air quality by reducing the concentration of any potentially infectious covid-19 droplets or aerosols in the air. Ventilation can be achieved naturally by opening doors or to the outside or by installing a mechanical ventilation system.

You can also use a portable air cleaner with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters could be considered in spaces where ventilation is poor.

  • Drain Cleaning, maintenance and draining:

It is mainly thought that coronavirus mostly spread through close contact. When an infected person coughs or sneezes respiratory droplets are transmitted from one person to another similar to influenza and other respiratory pathogens spread. The New England journal of medicine that Covid-19 may be transmitted through the faecal-oral route which means that the coronavirus was detected in patients stole at a rate that could lead to transmission of the virus by direct contact.

Well, through toilet flushing the coronavirus will dilute with wastewater and go over into sewer systems. It is still unclear how long the coronavirus can survive in wastewater but previous studies investigating the persistence of coronavirus surrogates and SARS in wastewater highlight that in the absence of disinfection the virus can survive in wastewater from hours to days. It is important to call a company that provides services of drain cleaning and replacing so that in school buildings we can protect students from Coronavirus.

Using Automatic Technology:

The automatic door provides you a lot of advantages which includes that you do not need any physical contact to open it so the door will be more hygienic than the manual ones. It has movement, safety and automatic activation sensors which has a detection range of 50-400mm. It is good providing high performance electronically operators to automate swing doors. It can be used in high traffic places like schools buildings and will contribute to avoiding infection and disease transmission. Therefore it improves hygienic conditions and isolation.


In a nutshell, it is important to call a certified company like to minimize the risk of coronavirus in School buildings.