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Property Maintenance & Facilities Management Fulham

Property Maintenance and Facilities Management Fulham is the constant set of activities of ensuring your property systems (Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Structural, plumbing and lighting) are working at their maximum efficiency level.

Effective property maintenance plays a huge role in allowing a facility’s operations to run smoothly.

Why Property Maintenance is important?

Here is how an effective property maintenance program can help:

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Types of property Maintenance:

There are five types of property maintenance you should know about.

  • An important function of the property manager is supervising property maintenance.
  • A robust maintenance program should satisfy the tenant’s needs while keeping within budget and the owners objectives.
  • The primary objective of the maintenance program is to protect the physical integrity of the property long term.
  • The difference between the great maintenance program and the substandard one is rental rates.
  • Five types of maintenance: Preventive, Corrective, Routine, Emergency and construction maintenance.


1.      Preventive Maintenance:

The primary objective is the preservation of the mechanical systems. Changing filters, changing belts checking fluids, replacing belts, painting, and seasonal servicing of appliances and systems such as the air conditioner and furnace. The key to remembering to prevent maintenance is the equipment is working properly and our goal is to extend the useful life of that system.


2- Corrective Maintenance:

Actual repair required that keeps the property’s equipment, utilities, etc. Functioning properly. The key is the equipment is not working properly and repairs are required.

Example: fixing a leaking faucet or toilet. Repairing a furnace or air conditioning unit that is not working. The unit heater goes out etc.

3- Routine Maintenance:

Day-to-day maintenance such as minor repairs to common areas, landscaping maintenance, cleaning of the common areas, mending broken stair rails, tacking down loose carpeting, and onboarding a newly vacant unit.

4- Emergency Maintenance:

Repairs must be made immediately or the property will suffer major damage.

Examples: broken water pipes, and electrical issues that may cause fire or harm to someone.

5- Construction Maintenance (Commercial, retail, industrial):

Commonly known as tenant improvements or build-outs. Major alterations to the unit to meet the tenant’s needs. Includes alterations to :

  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Signage
  • Alteration to the property frontage.

Property Maintenance Checklist:

 1- Electrical Systems:

  • We check if the electrical outlets are operating properly
  • Inspect wiring to detect signs of failure and to prevent overheating
  • Inspect if the GFCI outlets for protection are installed in all the appropriate places.
  • Double-check if the batteries in test instruments, smoke, carbon monoxide alarms etc are operating properly.
  • Inspect the state of the cover plates on the electrical outlets.

2- Safety Systems:

  • We make sure that first aids kits are always available, if not regularly restock them.
  • Check if the safety and hazard signs/labels on all the equipment and outlets are visible and accessible to everyone.
  • Make sure respirators are stocked for emergency purposes.
  • Ensure that the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are always fully functioning.
  • Make sure that the fire alarm system is properly functioning, including the availability of the fire extinguishers, and accessible fire escapes and emergency exits.

3- HVAC:

  • Regularly clean and replace the air filters within 6 months.
  • Check if the exhaust and are clean and running smoothly
  • Regulate the noise and vibrations of the blower motors
  • Check the fitting, flexibility, and condition of the duct connectors.
  • Clean the ductwork and replace them as necessary.
  • Make sure that the screws, latches, panels, and guards are not loose.
  • Minimize the mineral residue in water heaters in order to maximize their operations.

4-  Plumbing Systems:

  • Inspect water heaters and boilers for fire protection.
  • Check pipes, tanks and the fittings for leaks, noises, clogging or damage.
  • Regularly lubricate the water boosters and circulation pumps.
  • Check if the sump and sewage ejection pumps are fully functional.
  • Ensure that the water treatment monitoring and control systems are operating properly
  • Make sure that the plumbing system is connected to the proper drainage and sewerage system that meets the sanitary requirement.

5-   Lighting Systems:

  • Check the installation and functionality of all the lighting devices when needed, and replace and properly dispose of the fused light bulbs,
  • Ensure that the cables and screws are tightly fitted to prevent the damage,
  • Make sure all the lighting devices and their lens surfaces are regularly dusted.
  • Scheduled regular lighting inspection for the exit lighting, exterior lighting, and interior lighting to ensure their optimum functioning.
Property Maintenance & Facilities Management Fulham

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