Replacement Radiator Wolverhampton

We fitted a replacement radiator for South Staffordshire Council at their Head Office in Codsall, Wolverhampton.

The old one was no longer warming up properly. We sent our engineers out to find out why. The first thing they tried was bleeding the unit to get any air out of the radiator. This is a very common issue and very often solves the problem. But this time this was not the solution. As this radiator is part of a large system with many other units that were working fine, we also knew that the problem was not at the supply side, there was plenty of hot water available in the system.

Therefore it was decided to place a brand new radiator. The more modern units are also more efficient with spreading the heat and will do a better job than the older types. Problem solved.

In no time all was warm and toasty again. Ready for the upcoming cold winter days.