Flatpack Furniture Installation and Assembly Service

Flat pack furniture is meant to be quick and easy to assemble, it’s certainly easy to buy and deliver to your property!

However, once you get it all to your shop, look at the pile of boxes and start unpacking it can be a little daunting.

Trying to make sense of those strange diagrams, sorting out all the little fiddly bits – “is that a 6b screw or an 8a?”, hoping that all the bits are there!

Not to mention the potential for arguments over how to do things!


Flatpack furniture installation


For some items, such as kitchen cupboards they not only need to be assembled but also securely fixed to the wall – if you are planning to put heavy items inside additional support may also be needed.

Time Considerations

Depending upon the item of furniture you’ve purchased flatpack assembly can be time-consuming and you need to be realistic about how long it can take. As a rule of thumb, allow four to six hours for a wardrobe, which will not only need to be built but also usually secured to the wall to prevent it toppling onto people.

Even a fairly simple chest of drawers can take a whole morning, especially if you are a flat pack novice!

Haven’t got the spare time?

Don’t worry, we offer an affordable flatpack furniture installation service – freeing you up to tackle some of those other jobs on your “to-do” list, or allowing you to sit back and put your feet up!

Call us on 0121 530 2901 to solve your flatpack assembly problems.

Flatpack Furniture Installation and Assembly


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