When we’re talking about home, garden and street parties, one thing that often remains unnoticed is the associated risks and dangers. That’s why these events should always be prepared and organised as safely as possible. Especially when alcohol is involved. The following article provides you with useful information about why street parties often lead to enormous property damage, and how you can avoid such situations in your own property.

Size of the party

Naturally, when a party is held in a residential area there are going to be neighbours close by. If many people are attending an indoor or outdoor party, or if it’s a particularly large event with lots of decorations and music, it certainly will be much more disruptive for neighbours. Loud noises, rubbish scattered about and human waste all make for an unpleasant environment for those near you who did not even attend your party. Additionally, the party might get out of control if there are people driving cars whilst under the influence of alcohol. Be aware of your neighbourhood whlist organising the party, and make sure you are financially able to cover the cost of any damage caused by your guests to the property of your neighbour.

Drinking alcohol

When you go out, you want to have a good time. You don’t always know how much alcohol is too much. Overindulging in alcohol can cause dehydration, nausea and vomiting. The average person has about two litres of water in their body at any given time; even mild dehydration can make a person feel fatigued or unwell. People who regularly drink large amounts of alcohol may develop high blood pressure (hypertension), which puts them at risk for other health problems including heart disease and stroke. Heavy drinking may also worsen an existing medical condition such as diabetes, depression or epilepsy. That’s only a few disadvantages of overindulging in alcohol. St. Patrick’s day is there to celebrate beer consumption. Unfortunately, very often it ends up in an embarrassing and costly way for the party organisers who decided to drink as much as their gustes. From damaged buildings to taking responsibility for putting someone’s help at risk. The case of a drunk woman who broke her spine in her friend’s swimming pool comes to mind. Whatever damage you might encounter, make sure to take photos to avoid future misunderstandings.

Bad weather

Since many street party participants are inebriated, they may not notice or care that they’re celebrating in a hailstorm. Especially when they decide to drive under the influence. One of the most common building damages encountered on St. Patrick’s day is caused by someone driving into a wall or a fence. If someone gets injured, you must notify the authorities first before you decide to call a tradesman to repair the damage done to the building. And a car recovery guys, to get your car sorted.

Inexperienced party hosts

If you’re planning a large gathering and don’t know what you’re doing, that can easily end up in a structural damage to someone’s property. You want to make sure you have a phone number of professionals to hand, so they can get to your property quickly in case of a building emergency.

Before party

Additionally, to avoid noise complaints, you might want to soundproof your building before organising the party. Noise levels at parties can exceed acceptable limits; while partying hard might seem like a good idea when you’re young, it isn’t much fun for the residents with small kids. They don’t get enough sleep as it is. And let’s face it, those kids still need to pay attention at school on the following day. Any experienced tradesman should be able to inspect your property and come up with ideas on how to improve the acoustic isolation of your building.

Window boarding up services

The morning after St Patrick’s day might look scary in some areas. With shattered beer glasses and windows. It’s more typical damage to pubs. And shops and supermarkets which weren’t open when the party guests tried to buy something at night. It’s a good idea to install security alarms and cameras around your windows if you’re expecting some trouble. And if the worst happens and you find your property without glazing in the middle of a night? Call us and we’ll come out immediately to board up your windows. We’ll issue you with a document that will allow you to put the cost on your insurance claim. When boards are put on properly, they serve as temporary walls, which will stop any unwanted guests from getting in until you have your glazing sorted. The last thing you want is someone coming in and taking what belongs to you while your glazing is being cut to size.


Call us in case of any building emergency

A few years ago, The Sunday Times reported that over 90% of UK households experience a broken window at some point in their lives. If you find your glass has been damaged, call Trade 24/7. If you believe your property might be at risk of suffering from accidental damage this St Patrick’s day, make sure you save our number. Whether it’s home or business, we’ll make sure that your property remains secure and safe for the occupants. Our team is available 24/7 and offer same-day service. Call 330 090 4247 any time to speak with one of our friendly experts.